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Welcome to our website ("website"). This website is controlled and operated by Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos. Aiming at the protection of data of its holders, and in harmony with the legitimate interest of data collection and use of the information that is freely sent to us by the respective holders, we present our Privacy Policy, Data Processing and the Terms and Conditions of Use of our Website, the sending of Curriculum Vitae,  and applicable to anyone who accesses the content platforms available in the domains and subdomains owned by us (


Please read carefully the terms and conditions of use stipulated below ("Terms of Use") so that you can enjoy our website and all its content, and know that access to the digital page (website, website, homepage) and the use of its content automatically bind you and represent your understanding, agreement and full and unconditional acceptance of the rules of conditions of use and information security and privacy policies,  as described in this Terms of Use and Privacy Policies document. If you do not agree with any rules and/or conditions, do not access or use it.




On the Metalkraft website there may be information, texts, data, images, photos, videos, sounds, illustrations, name, logos, various and general trademarks of certain areas of Law, which may be provided in the form of documents ("Information"). Unless expressly provided otherwise, such information is not intended for, nor does it constitute, legal, accounting, commercial, financial, tax or similar services or recommendations.


The Information is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as opinions or legal opinions applicable to a given situation. The use of such information, for whatever purposes whatsoever, is the sole responsibility of the user.




Although Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos seeks to ensure that the information contained on its website is accurate and up-to-date, we will not be responsible for the results of any action taken based on the data made available. Exactly for this reason, Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos does not give any guarantee nor assumes any responsibility as to the reliability, accuracy, validity, timeliness, usefulness, integrity, relevance, timeliness or comprehensiveness of such information, as well as is not responsible for any damages arising from the use of data or information on the website.


If it is necessary to obtain recommendations or services on a specific subject, we ask that you contact us directly using our contact channels indicated on the website.




It is expressly prohibited, except with the consent of Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos to copy, reproduce, duplicate, modify, adopt or lend, sell or transfer, in whole or in part, any of the information contained in our website, except for the purpose of accessing our website and our Services and producing impressions for your own personal use.




Our Site and Services are not designed or intended for use by individuals under the age of twelve (12) and therefore, if you are under the age of twelve (12), we request that you do not use our Site or Services or provide us with any personal information. If you are over the age of twelve (12) and under the age of eighteen (18), your acceptance of these Terms of Use must be manifested with the assistance or representation of your legal guardian, in accordance with applicable law.




Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos reserves the right to modify, alter, delete or include any part of its website, the Information or these Terms of Use. And by continuing to use the site, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use as amended.


Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos may also, at its sole discretion, impose limitations on use and storage, at any time and with or without prior notice, to comply with the obligations established under the legislation in force. It also has no responsibility for the deletion, storage failure or failure to transmit any content.


Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos will keep the data only as long as it is necessary to achieve some specific purpose, to comply with legal, contractual or regulatory requirements during the legal limitation period of possible contractual (including audit) or legal liabilities.


In addition, if the Data Controller requests, Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos will anonymize or delete the data from our servers, unless for some legitimate or mandatory reason, we have to retain the data for a longer time.




Among the data, contents and information on the site, there may be "links" (addresses to other sites) from third parties. Therefore, access to such "links" that will direct to external sites is the sole responsibility of the user, and Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos is not responsible for the availability of these and does not endorse or be responsible for any content, advertising, products, services or other materials contained or made available through such third-party sites or resources.


By accessing such "links", the user also expressly acknowledges and agrees that Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any losses and damages that are actually or allegedly caused by, or in connection with, the reliance placed on such Information, goods and services available on or through such third party websites.




Unless otherwise informed, Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos is the copyright holder of all the information made available on the website, as well as all intellectual property rights and related rights, including, but not limited to, rights over the database, trademarks, registration requests, etc.


You are permitted to download, print, temporarily store, retrieve and display the Site Information on your computer screen or mobile device, print pages (but not copy), and store those pages in electronic form on your computer or mobile device for personal use or for internal use within your organization. However, the user is not allowed (except when expressly given permission) to adapt or modify the information on the website or any part thereof and the Information or any part thereof may not be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted or otherwise transmitted to third parties for commercial gain.


The User, by having access to these materials, undertakes to respect the rights of ownership, being expressly forbidden any form of reproduction or circulation of the materials made available without due mention of the source and author of the material. But no provision shall be construed as granting users any right, title or interest in any intellectual property of Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos.




Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos complies with the provisions of the General Data Protection Law – LGPD, and may collect, use, transfer, store or process users' personal information, either with the consent arising from access to the website or any other platform or electronic means. In fact, Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos collects as little personal data as possible from users who access its domains and platforms, only so that they can precisely enjoy its content, as well as for the proper execution of legal obligations and to meet the legitimate interests of the office in the provision of its services.


In compliance with the principle of transparency, Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos informs that the following data and information will be or may be collected: (i) user registration data (name, surname, e-mail, professional institution; (ii) when extremely necessary, personal document numbers may be requested, such as CPF, RG, etc., professional and/or residential address, telephone number and date of birth; (iii) access logs (information such as IP address and other information technology information that is stored in accordance with the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the Internet (Law No. 12,965/2014); (iv) only essential data will be collected via cookies for faster access to the domain and to measure access metrics.


Such personal data collected will or may be used, transferred, stored or processed for the following purposes: (i) to establish contact and relationship; (ii) send emails and correspondence; (iii) send invitations to events and launches; (iv) send messages of service and support; (v) apply, customize and update the client's area (restricted access to the website); (vi) prepare financial, procedural and strategic reports in the interest of the firm and its clients.


Also for compliance purposes with the LGPD, it is informed that the company Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos will be the controller of personal data within the scope of the relationship established with the user.

Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos informs that the data eventually collected will not be shared with third parties, informs that it does not sell or pass on the personal data collected from users, except in the following hypotheses.




Eventually, Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos will need to share the personal data of users, partners and collaborators with third parties, especially for compliance with a legal obligation, for the execution of the contract or to enable the execution of the service to which it was contracted. The simple use or navigation through the website of Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos does not classify you as a customer.


In an even clearer way, Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos may share personal data of its customers with the Judiciary and other public bodies, in the representation of the interests of the Holder or the legal entity that integrates, precisely in the execution of the service to which it was contracted (based on the contract signed between the parties).


There may also be sharing with third parties that provide support in representing the interests of the Holder or the legal entity that integrates it, such as consultancies, experts, lawyers, technicians, agents, etc.




The use of cookies by our website complies with the General Data Protection Law. We respect all the principles of the Law such as data minimization, collecting only the information necessary to personalize your experience on our website.


You can manage your cookie options at any time by setting your browser options to block, clear, or be notified of the receipt of cookies. However, refusing the use of cookies may limit access to some areas, and prevent you from receiving personalized information.


This platform does not use sensitive information such as biometrics, health, political or religious opinion, union membership, etc. If it becomes necessary to process such information, this document will be reviewed and you will be notified through the contact channel that you have made available to us.




Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos is flattered to receive your resume through the website and/or through e-mail ( But it is important that you know that by sending it you will automatically be agreeing to the terms presented here, allowing, authorizing and consenting to the treatment of the data that were freely made available in the document sent.


Resumes may be forwarded to the corresponding departments, especially when there is an ongoing selection process. They may also be inserted in the company's database and may remain there indefinitely, or until you expressly request their deletion, except for the hypotheses of conservation authorized by the legislation in force.


Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos may also delete such data, regardless of the request or authorization of the holder, especially when the processing of personal data ends, resulting from the achievement of the purpose of the treatment; the end of the treatment period; the request by the holder, and/or by determination of the national authority.




Still committed to respecting your privacy and valuing transparency, Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos establishes this privacy policy, which, together with the above terms, aims to provide you with a clear understanding of how your data is treated.


It seeks to ensure that any information and data of users will not be provided, published or marketed in any circumstances, without consent and / or for purposes other than those originally presented.


In this way, Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos requires its employees and all those who provide services to treat personal data in accordance with the General Law of Protection of Personal Data, respecting even the confidentiality of the information and not using it inappropriately.


The personal data eventually stored by Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos, will be in a secure database, reserved, with restricted access, observing all the rights assured to the holders, remaining guaranteed the fulfillment of the requests for confirmation of existence, access, correction and elimination), which may be exercised, at any time, by sending a specific request to the address




Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos, registered with the CNPJ under No. 77.529.584/0001-11, in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 13.709/2018 (General Data Protection Law – LGPD) in its Section II, Chapter VI, informs that, in order to provide due publicity, it has appointed Ms. Luciane de Souza Gomes Vilas Boas, a Brazilian individual, to exercise the function of Data Protection Officer (DPO),  and with this act in accordance with article 5, VIII of the LGPD.


In the exercise of its functions, the Person in Charge of the Processing of Personal Data (i) shall report directly to the highest level of management of the Controller; (ii) shall participate in meetings and activities of the Privacy Steering Committee and other departments, serving as a channel between the departments and senior management; (iii) shall act autonomously and independently in all its tasks; (iv) shall not enjoy any power to represent the Controller; (v) will not perform tasks as Person in Charge of the Processing of Personal Data that characterize a conflict of interest.


Ms. Luciane de Souza Gomes Vilas Boas will be responsible for the development of internal procedures that enable the collection, storage and any type of data processing correctly, as well as for the activities provided for in § 2 of article 41 of the LGPD, namely: (i) accept complaints and communications from the holders, provide clarifications and adopt measures; (ii) receive communications from the national authority and take action; (iii) guide the employees and contractors of the entity regarding the practices to be taken in relation to the protection of personal data; (iv) perform the other duties determined by the controller or established in complementary rules; (v) inform and advise the controller or operator regarding their obligations, as well as employees who process personal data; (vi) monitor compliance with the policies of the controller or operator regarding the protection of personal data, including the division of responsibilities, awareness and training of employees involved in personal data operations; (vii) advise in relation to the preparation of data protection impact assessments; (viii) cooperate with data protection authorities; and (ix) be a point of contact for the data protection authority.


In turn, Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos, in its capacity as Controller, undertakes to (i) provide the Person in Charge of the Processing of Personal Data with all the means, financial resources and personnel necessary in order to allow the proper performance of its tasks and functions; (ii) promptly involve the Person in Charge of the Processing of Personal Data in all matters related to the protection of personal data; (iii) verify that the Person in Charge of the Processing of Personal Data performs its tasks autonomously and independently; (iv) refrain from assigning tasks to the Person in Charge of the Processing of Personal Data that may lead to, or result in, a conflict of interest; (v) decide without delay on the taking of adequacy measures and measures to mitigate damages, addressing and violations and incidents, communications to the public and authorities, and other executive decisions on privacy and data protection brought to senior management by the Person in Charge of the Processing of Personal Data; (vi) decide without delay on the taking of measures of adequacy, mitigation of damages and addressing of risks, breaches, incidents and other issues related to information security, privacy and data protection brought to senior management by the Person in Charge of the Processing of Personal Data; and (vii) approve releases, communications and responses to authorities and the general public; keep the contact details of the Personal Data Protection Officer available to the public.


In compliance with the provisions of § 1, of article 41 of the LGPD, and in order to provide publicity of the identity and contact information of the person in charge, clarifies that the communication may be carried out preferably through the, or through the telephone (41) 2106-5460 or (41) 2106-5432.




All items of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and the legal relationship between the user and Metalkraft S/A Sistemas Automotivos are governed by the laws in force in the Federative Republic of Brazil. Also, for all matters relating to the interpretation, compliance or any other questioning related to this document of Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, will be submitted to the Forum of the District of Curitiba, State of Paraná, with the express waiver of any other.

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